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Moxie is a book for elementary age youth that tells a story about friends helping each other when a parent has cancer. It contains a workbook that translates medical terminology into everyday speech and addresses feelings and worries that a child may experience. There is a page that children can take to their parent's doctors’ appointments listing important questions to further help them understand cancer.

Harald Herrmann (Author), Courtney Herrmann (Editor), Jean Heidal (Editor), Lynette Wilhardt (Editor), LCSW (Editor), Sarah Nance (Illustrator), Christina Forshay (Illustrator)


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Love Sick features a collection of essays, poems, and thoughts by 22 teens whose parents have been diagnosed or have lost their battle with cancer.  The teen contributors are all part of Kids Konnected.


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Our program started in 1993 in California and quickly spread nationwide by eleven-year old Jon Wagner-Holtz after his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. He was feeling alone.

The success of our programs lies in the tears of a child being wiped away by a caring friend and in the quiet ‘thanks’ of a sick parent that can worry less about the emotional stress their illness has on their children.


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