When a family is experiencing cancer, one call to
Kids Konnected or a visit to our website can provide "Hope".


Donate a Hope the Bear Package $25

Each Hope the Bear Care Package is custom tailored to children's ages.  Every package contains a book titled Moxie for elementary age youth or Love Sick for teens, flyers, brochures, teddy bears, and cancer education resources.  The books explain cancer and coping skills in age-appropriate language.


Our program started in 1993 in California and quickly spread nationwide by eleven-year old Jon Wagner-Holtz after his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. He was feeling alone.

The success of our programs lies in the tears of a child being wiped away by a caring friend and in the quiet ‘thanks’ of a sick parent that can worry less about the emotional stress their illness has on their children.


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Please call or email us at

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