100% of your donations will go to benefit Kids Konnected. Your tax deductible donations enable us to help more children during their time of crisis. Learn about the donation programs we offer, or simply use the donation form to make a monetary donation of your choice.


Donate a Hope the Bear Package $25

Our Hope the Bear Care Packages are individually tailored to each family based on the information we receive. Every package includes a “Hope” teddy bear for each child in the family, books, workbooks, brochures, and additional information to help the family better cope with cancer. Our volunteers make security blankets for those under 5, and special bereavement packages for children and teens that have lost a parent to cancer. Donate a package to a child of our choosing, or order a package for a child you know who is coping with cancer.


One Year of Support Group Meeting $150

When a parent is diagnosed by cancer, it can have devastating emotional effects on the children. Kids Konnected support groups meet throughout Southern California to help kids who have a mom or dad affected by cancer; from diagnosis, treatment, remission, to death. Support groups give children professional guidance, peer comfort, positive coping skills, answers to their questions about cancer, and a community that understands what they’re going through. You generous contribution will support 1 child’s attendance at support group for 1 year.


Send a Teenager to the HEROES Leadership Training $250

Who are HEROES? Helpful, Energetic, Reviving Optimists in Every Situation. A HEROES leader is a mature, responsible, caring teenager between the ages of 14-18 who has experienced the stress and trauma of having a parent with cancer or has lost a parent to cancer. They are an integral part of Kids Konnected and they are a very important part of every service that we provide, from monthly support groups to teddy bear outreach. Your donation will be used to send a teen to our yearly training retreat and give him/her a chance to be a role model to children in their community.


Send a child to camp $350

Your generous donation will help send a child to one of our awesome summer camp programs. This is a great time for kids to meet other kids who have a parent with cancer and to get away from the cancer world for a few days a year…It’s always nice to know that you’re not alone!


Sponsor a Fun-Family Event $1000

Sometimes when a parent is sick with cancer, families don’t get a chance to have as much fun as they used to. Sponsor a Family Event for Kids Konnected and help those affected by cancer to get out of the house, have some fun, and meet other families who understand what they’re going through. Family Events take place throughout the year in our various service areas. In 2016 we offered a trip to the San Diego Zoo, Lake Mission Viejo BBQ, Family Game Night in Costa Mesa, an LA Galaxy soccer game and more. 


Kids Konnected appreciates those that can help us out by donating their time and talents.  We have several volunteer opportunities – find one that fits your interests and schedule


Most Kids Konnected support groups serve Pizza before the group starts.  You could help donate many supplies to keep our support groups fruitful, fun, and engaging.

Kids Konnected is always interested in working with more licensed and intern social workers, psychologists, and marriage and family therapists in the communities we serve in.


Our program started in 1993 in California and quickly spread nationwide by eleven-year old Jon Wagner-Holtz after his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. He was feeling alone.

The success of our programs lies in the tears of a child being wiped away by a caring friend and in the quiet ‘thanks’ of a sick parent that can worry less about the emotional stress their illness has on their children.


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