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At Kids Konnected, our support, education, and commitment to children who have a parent with cancer or have a parent that has died from cancer not only happens through in-person services, but also we work hard to provide self-serve materials to support you and your children. We have prepared an online toolkit that contains a wealth of resources to be downloaded and used for individual needs.




Kids Konnected was developed on the premise that when a parent or caregiver gets cancer, the entire family is affected and the need of the kids must be addressed.  The mission of Kids Konnected is to provide friendship, understanding, education, and support for youth with a parent or caregiver affected by cancer.  


Our program started in 1993 in California and quickly spread nationwide by eleven-year old Jon Wagner-Holtz after his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. He was feeling alone.

The success of our programs lies in the tears of a child being wiped away by a caring friend and in the quiet ‘thanks’ of a sick parent that can worry less about the emotional stress their illness has on their children.


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